So the $244 million "contribution" isn't really a cash payment (like my property taxes) or even something that HWS actually paid to the city. It's a lot of estimates of what students and visitors spend, lumps in the labor costs of improvements to the college, salaries of people employed at the college, etc. By that measure, I should get credit for the home improvements I've made and cost of remodeling, payments to the guy that mows my lawn and clears the snow from my driveway and sidewalk, the $10,000 or so that I spend annually in local stores, gasoline, restaurants, etc. But I don't -- I still have to shell out money for property taxes and school taxes, not to mention exorbitant rates for water. So while HWS officials can smugly pat themselves on the back for the chump change $169,793 presented to the city, I'd like to see some REAL payments in lieu of taxes, somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million a year if they really want to help the city balance its budget.