"In Hendersonville, NC this was once drinking water. Now it is a dead zone. Nothing can live when oxygen is gone. What caused this? Glyphosate and atrazine which came from an apple tree farm on top of a mountain above this drinking water. The entire 150 acres shows a buffer of fast growing moss. People who drank this water have gotten numerous illnesses and cancer. The trees in the area are growing a fungus.

You see... The poisoning of OUR earth has to be stopped. It goes much deeper than our foods and a GMO label. These poisons are DESTROYING our home which was once abundant with life. People, animals, trees, & bees are dying!!! All for profit...GREED!!

Can we please just WAKE UP??!! For Mother Earth and our children and grandchildren... Speak up ... raise hell... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!"

Arty turns 11 this summer.