February 9, 2015


The NY Assembly is finally back in business and it just passed its first bill of the year. And guess what?!? It's a good one! It protects farmers from being sued for patent infringement if their crops are unintentionally and unknowingly cross-contaminated with patented GMO crops! Woohoo! Now we just need the Senate to pass it, too. We can't take any credit for this awesomeness but we sure as heck can celebrate it!!

"If a farmer is sued for infringing on a patent related to genetically modified organisms, they would be able to avoid paying damages if they can prove that they “did not knowingly and intentionally introduce the genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms into his or her plants or seeds or onto his or her property and he or she did not knowingly gain from the distinctive traits due to genetic modification or genetic engineering.”

Arty turns 11 this summer.