Erin Brockovich

Before the sides line up to shoot at each other (and me), pay very close attention to what my question is.

What is wrong with a consumer's Right to Know?

If you want patent protection... and you want to sell your products to me, don't I have a Right to Know that is has been genetically altered. What is the problem with notification? What is there to hide? If it is safe... great; tell me and let me make my decision informed.

The Deny Americans the Right to Know – or DARK – Act is expected to be reintroduced in Congress any day now. This reprehensible anti-labeling bill would both rule out any federal labeling requirement for genetically engineered foods and deny states the right to enact their own labeling legislation. In other words, if the DARK Act passes, the fight for genetic engineering (GE) labeling is over.

In order to stop the DARK Act in its tracks, we need to make sure that every single supporter of GE labeling is heard loud and clear. That’s why this week I am joining forces with activists around the country in a National Week of Action to call on Congress to oppose the DARK Act and support mandatory GE labeling.

Monsanto, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (an industry front group) and others have already spent over $100 million to keep consumers in the dark in Washington, California, Oregon and Colorado alone. And with millions more at their disposal, you can bet that Big Food will be pulling out all the stops to get this reprehensible bill passed this year.

Let’s prove that the American people are louder than Big Food lobbyists.

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