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Full Account of Monsanto Shareholder Meeting Jan 30, 2015

Posted by Zen Honeycutt

February 01, 2015

The following account and conversations are conveyed to my best recollection without having listened to the recording. I will do so asap. Those who have listened to it and read my blog say my account is "very accurate".

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The sounds of the boisterous rally crowd faded behind me in the distance as I walked toward building A of Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis Missouri for the shareholder meeting. The security stationed on the perimeter of the property, without a word between us, relayed my pending arrival to the headquarters, “Ms. Honeycutt approaching building A”. The staff inside also knew me by name and greeted me cordially. After a thorough security check and receiving my “Shareowner” sticker, I was escorted to a conference room where Lisa from SumofUs was also sitting. Why I was being sequestered in a room instead of being brought to the conference room? As if reading my mind, the security person explained that the conference room wasn’t ready yet. Still I thought it odd that I was not able to be in a hallway or near other shareholders.

Several minutes later, a woman walked in and said “I am Zen’s host”, looking right at me. I soon learned that “handler” would have been a better term for her. The staff were prepared. Around 12:50, we were joined by a few other shareholders, (apparently the room really was not ready). There was another “host” for Lisa who made sure to steer the conversation cheerily to where people are from.

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