Free Healthy Gut Summit

One of my heroes, Jeffrey Smith, will be speaking at this. He is the producer of Genetic Roulette and the head of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Learn what your doctor won't tell you because if you are not sick, he or she's not making a boat load of money.

Jeffrey Smith speaks on February 11th in an in-depth interview on “GMOs: Their Impact on the Microbiome in Your Gut” as part of the Healthy Gut Summit. Jeffrey’s talk will include:

-GMOs: history, origin and why it all went wrong

-9 essential key crops to avoid

-2 main toxins lurking in GMOs that impact health and digestion

Discover how your digestive health is intimately linked to your immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems.

Watch one-on-one interviews with Jeffrey Smith and a host of over 32 other respected thought leaders and physicians as they each share fascinating new insights and research on how gut health impacts our most basic physiological processes–including how we think and behave.

You can learn all about the different ways your digestive tract works to establish a foundation for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at the Healthy Gut Summit, free and online from February 9-16, 2015.

Use this link to register:
Arty turns 11 this summer.