Anti-GMO Petition Receives 59,742,753 Signatures

January 6, 2015

It isn’t a small minority anymore asking our regulators to limit biotech’s far-reaching arm. There is now an open letter endorsed by more than 59 million people asking both US and UK officials to be more prudent in questioning the hazards of genetically modified crops.

The open letter is signed by celebrities, scientists, farmers, academics in various fields, business tycoons, and every day people like you and me. It’s called the letter from America, but it is getting global attention. No longer can Americans be called sheeple. We are clearly voicing or disdain for GM crops in ever growing numbers, and our eyes are wide open.

One high-profile signatory, actress Susan Sarandon says:

“We’ve had GMOs in the US for nearly 20 years. Instead of bringing certainty and security they have raised more and more worrying questions about their effectiveness, their necessity, and even their safety. Polls show that the majority of US citizens – and in fact citizens everywhere – either want them labelled or taken out of the food system altogether. It’s important to keep pressing our elected representatives to act in accordance with this strong public mandate.”

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