Monica Andreassenab*, Elena Roccaa, Thomas Bøhnac, Odd-Gunnar Wikmarka, Johnnie van den Bergd, Martinus Løvike, Terje Traavikac & Unni Cecilie Nygaardb

Publishing models and article dates explained

Received: 15 Oct 2014
Accepted: 2 Nov 2014
Published online: 11 Dec 2014

NEW STUDY: A Bt toxin protein in GMO corn may be a respiratory allergen when exposure occurs through inhalation. The findings are in agreement with previous studies that have found immunogenic responses after administration through other routes of exposure. One limitation of the study is that the sporadic exposures did not reflect real-world situations, in which humans, domestic and wild animals are exposed 24/7 for extended periods of time, with simultaneous exposure to a varying number of other foreign substances. So this protein may actually be MORE allergenic and immunotoxic than this study suggests. Can you say Bt TOXIN? READ:
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