The Case Against GMOs

An Environmental Investor’s View of the Threat to our Global Food Systems

Conclusion, in part:

"The arguments made in favor of the current generation of GM products simply fail to hold up to extended time periods or independent testing. Instead, GM corporations manipulate regulators, research institutions, and media outlets. These companies have been exposed for these practices time and time again, but still insist that they have the customer’s best interests at heart. Monsanto’s recent refusal to release data regarding the effects of their pesticides and GM crops on bee populations is indicative of their myopia and disinterest in any well-being beyond their sales revenues."

"All things considered, the risks associated with GM agriculture outweigh the benefits. While genetic modification as a tool is neither inherently negative nor positive, the history of its use indicates that the GM product is largely deployed to increase short-term profits for agricultural biotech corporations at the expense of consumers, small farmers, and the environment. Industrialized agriculture is enough of a sustainability challenge on its own, and examples from across the globe illustrate the extra level of distress that comes with adding genetically modified organisms into this system."
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