Alright, could you link me to those reviews. It's my understanding that the fda did no testing because gmo food is "substantially equivalent" to real food.

Yes, I know Monsanto submitted their own studies that they conducted on rats, not humans, for a period of 90 days.

Where are the independent studies that show gmo's had been tested on humans and they are safe? Who did the study? Who paid for it?

The science that is most important to me is the science experiment I did on myself. The symptoms I had went away after I stopped eating gmo food. When I ate gmo food, I got the symptoms again. When I tasted my granddaughter's gmo baby formula, I got stomach pains.

At Moms Across America there are videos from parents whose babies and children were cured of their symptoms after eliminating gmo food.

My message to parents is don't leave the health of your child in the hands of anyone else but yourself. Do your homework.
Arty turns 11 this summer.