Timbo, you have to take a look at who did the study. If you take a look at "Genetic Roulette," you'll get the history behind gmo.

Politicians, George Sr.'s administration, gave the go ahead for gmo to be approved without the usually required testing by the FDA. Biotech was allowed to submit their own science. No other reviews were done.

Also, see Thom Hartmann's "Science for Sale." A corporation with unlimited cash can buy anything they want, even science, from the Weinburg Group. (Start at 2:00, it's about 10 minutes.)


If gmo food is safe then:

1. why are they (chemical and food companies) spending millions of dollars to fight your right to know gmo's are in your food;

2. why will they not let their seed be studied by independent scientists;

3. why do animals die after eating gmo cotton? Remember, this is the cotton you place on yourself and your children everyday. This is the cotton clothing you buy at Wal-Mart and Carters. This cotton is gmo'd, meaning they frankensteined the seed so that the pesticide grows right with the plant. You can't wash it out. Bet you never thought that the simple task of putting a t shirt on could harm you and your baby.

If there gmo seed/food is so safe, what do they have to hide?

Do you people care so little about your families that you won't even take the time to check it out yourself? Look at the shape your country and county is in. You trust these people will make sure no harm comes to your family?



Gmos and Gluten:


Why am I so convinced that these foods are bad? I did my own experiment. I stopped eating gmo food. I haven't seen Dr. Lorenzetti in almost two years. I don't need gerd drugs for acid reflux anymore because I don't have acid reflux anymore.

Why am I hell bend on educating you? I care about my family and I'm mad as hell that this has been done to our children. You people have no idea what this is doing to your children.

There is another documentary coming out on October 10th, "Bought." Maybe that will open some eyes.

Arty turns 11 this summer.