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ROTFLMBO, did you say something?
Rich made an excellent response and this is your reply? I am losing more respect for you everyday. frown

What's the chance that I lost respect for you two a few days ago in regard to a debate. Look up the word first of all, then tell me if you're attempting a mutual dialogue adverse to selectively jumping in and out of the game...note that 2 times you emphatically removed yourself from the topic because no one listens. Now only to return assuming that one can pick up where they left off. Rich on the other hand sounds like a court room lawyer defending a serial killer he knows is guilty as hell but must proceed because of due process of a fair and speedy trail. You son, don't make up the rules here and I feel no need to play exclusively in your play ground....but you're more than welcome to come to mines sometimes to keep things fair and equal ......otherwise, take your ball and bat home and find some other party to play "Your Game"
Excellent is defined by a solution agreeable to ALL parties, not just your one sided opinions. tired