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Comprehension is just as lacking in yourself as it is in Timbo. The url article link regarding the Oneida deal mentions reference to the Cayuga allegations regarding the land claim which they already lost.

Foreclosure proceedings by the counties is based on law and applied equally under the law, not based on your perceptions.

Based on laws and Judicial OPINIONS of the past, I didn't have the right to vote or patronize certain establishments, those laws & rules coming from who? "Perceptions" are and will always be pre-determined from opposing points of views. Your position only aligns itself with the laws you've deemed favorable to your positions. I happen to have voted by "law" for a Democrat and the Liberal processes, why is your "perception" so violently opposed to mine that you now see the need to revamp the voting laws thus placing the assumed advantages back in your court? Bottom line, your perception has no fact or given edge to that of others who happen to disagree with you Your Honor grin


Timbo would commonly go off on tangents rather than respond to a post made and commonly rebuke his own post. Your likewise response alludes to the same mentality. You refer to law based on race which was changed quite simply because laws based on race are unconstitutional.

The foreclosure proceedings apply equally under the law regardless of race which I have always maintained is my position.

You respond: "Your position only aligns itself with the laws you've deemed favorable to your positions." Really???

Yes, laws applied equally regardless of race I deem favorable.

Then, Hah, you fall on your butt and accuse me seeing a need to revamp voting laws (wherever that came from) to place assumed advantages back in my court.

We definitely disagree and your promotion of inequality under the law based on race is Illogical and counters what your leading statement was.

I could just as logically repost the post you replied to however your hatred blinds you from seeing the words, let alone comprehend them.

Timbo's initial denial that the issue is political and not racial was eventually responded with it's BOTH. But rather than merely explain in his own words HOW his temper tantrum vehement racism and hatred claims that CERA and CERF are constantly finding themselves in alliance with racists.

Tribes throughout the country play the race card when they have no arguments against reason, logic and law. Timbo factoids have developed a definition of their own and they are anything but the truth. Your irrational replies are no better.

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