#1443934 - Yesterday at 03:03 PM Re: Tribe not paying their fair
Kyle: I think everyone should be of mixed race.

VMS: I think that eventually, most everyone will be,

Timbo: Unless you know something about biology that the rest of the wold scientific community doesn't, then everybody already is.

Geneticist have concluded definitively that all of human kind has descended from just two "proto-matriarchs" One that originated in what is now Mongolia and the other in Sub-Saharan Africa.

1443948 - Yesterday at 03:40 PM [Re: kyle585]
Timbo: There is no such thing as 100% white. As I've repeatedly told you, "racial" purity is a biological impossibility and the term "white" is scientifically meaningless. (MEANING Timbo is the only one allowed to blame the whites for everything and no one else can say that word without being a racist.)

1443945 - Yesterday at 03:36 PM [Re: kyle585]

Kyle: Tell me what laws are unfair or illegal.

Timbo: Any that were a result of force, coercion or intimidation. In other words, EVERYTHING THAT ORIGINATED FROM THE LAWS ESTABLISHED BY WHITE MAN.

#1443961 - Yesterday at 04:12 PM Re: Timbo
Kyle: All current laws and treaties between the US and Native Americans? Wow

#1443960 - Yesterday at 03:59 PM [Re: kyle585]
Timbo: I didn't say that "all laws established by a white man are bad", did I?

1443962 - Yesterday at 04:17 PM [Re: kyle585]
Timbo: I'm saying that... as it applies to treaties and laws established therein, VIRTUALLY (bing bing bing – QUALIFIER meaning to imply ALL BUT being that I cannot prove anything specifically like I ask everyone else to do, that any situation proving me wrong, which I will deny anyway with deflections and name calling, are a mere exception.) ALL (UNPROVEN LIE with no specifics inserted to instill white guilt without any proof) are a DIRECT ( again presumed with no specifics) result of coercion, intimidation, threats of harm or death and regardless of past Indian (amalgam race) "ignorance", they acted in MOST ( what? Another QUALIFIER? ) every case, in good faith and HISTORICALLY ( MEANING yet another qualifier with NO specifics inserted to instill white guilt without any proof), white man (which is really just an amalgam race) did not, (again, no specifics) thereby violating the SPIRIT (another qualifier meaning only in his opinion) of the agreements or by establishing laws which do NOT meet the BRITISH PRINCIPLES ( wow, he hides behind the skirt of the very ones he blames everything on ) of Contractual Jurisprudence that our very legal system is based upon.

Timbo: Unfamiliar with the word "virtually", are you?

NOPE, not anymore. ROTFLMAO