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I liken you to the trained monkey....

Well, as long as you put it that way....did your brother ever come back from space?

ROTFLMAO, correction, a trained ignorant racist monkey. whistle

I don't think you're black. I think it's just something you claim so you can play the race card. I think most of what you say is untrue.

One huge problem James, regardless of your opinion, beliefs or personal statements.......as of this very moment, you can't affect my life in any shape,form or fashion....wait unless you're God, whom you happen to emphatically state that you don't believe in........So I guess that you're powerless. If I see the need to feel Black,sad or emotional, I'll give you a buzz, just to make you think that you have the authority to triggered it OK? crazy

BTW, pass it on to your buddy Harley that I'm not Black, I hate to see him waste all the racist vitriol on a fellow White man. blush