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Formerpapa: Some sense dictates some things, and other sense dictates other things. If there were really any such thing as common sense, everyone would have it in common, and everybody would agree. All thinking is not equally sensible. Which is more so is what we commonly debate.

Rich: I see that gas was $3.29 in Greeneville several days ago, and as low as $3.18 elsewhere in the Tri-City area.

As usual James, you show your ignorance while trying to appear witty and intelligent. They trained a monkey to go into space but he was only aloft for an hour or so. A wise man had to be trained to sustain himself for several days or even Months. I liken you to the trained monkey.... Wisdom gives you the ability to impart something of noted priceless value, what you choose to offer is what some refer to as "fool's gold"