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Again it sounds as if this becomes a burden on NY state taxpayer now. In regard to your "rhetoric" of who's land is it, common sense has dictated that "that's debatable" since this lawsuit has been ongoing back and forth for how many years?....as stated, at the expense of NYS tax payers just for the UCE and other entities to make a point/principal because you're not winning the war.
But Timmy says NYS taxes are lowest.

Cayuga Foreclosure Lawsuit never went back and forth, has been ongoing about three years and awaiting on the Second Circuit.

Cayuga land claim defeated.

Town of Aurelius zoning law won.

Village of Union Springs zoning law won.

Cayuga sales tax claim lost.

Oneida land claim defeated.

Oneida / Sherrill property tax claim defeated.

Onondaga land claim defeated.

Seneca land claim to Grand Island defeated.

Mohawk land claim dismissed in part determining whether remainder was US or Canada. If US will be dismissed unless they buy the governor.

That's eight wins and one loss.

Yes, we are winning which is why many advisors tell the tribes to stay out of the courts. But ALL these lawsuits were filed by the tribes. Would it not be cheaper for TRIBES to just comply with the laws rather than file lawsuits just to make a point/principle?

We were told by many to give up because we could not win and your echo is hollow.