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Again it sounds as if this becomes a burden on NY state taxpayer now. In regard to your "rhetoric" of who's land is it, common sense has dictated that "that's debatable" since this lawsuit has been ongoing back and forth for how many years?....as stated, at the expense of NYS tax payers just for the UCE and other entities to make a point/principal because you're not winning the war.
So we should just give up and give all the land back to the Indians? That includes the land you owned and you said you hated that you did not have clear title to it when you owned it. I guess it looks different now that you sold it and left the state?

I find your ability to convolute words astounding. I owned the property and had a clear title which was clear for decades. Lawsuits were taken up by the Native American questioning who in fact is the ORIGINAL owner. If Interlaken NY is still in fact in Seneca County, I still own property given to me by my mother. Ascertain some facts before making one self appear stupid, which you appear to be doing based on what you THINK you know about me. crazy