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Are you really that far out of the loop? The tribe sued to stop the foreclosure proceedings and although SCOTUS ruled lands taxable in Sherrill which applies throughout the country, they did not rule on sovereign immunity because the Oneida dropped that defense. The CAYUGA foreclosure case has yet to get there.

I live in Pennsylvania, so to your question, I am out of the loop. Sounds to me that your legal costs far out weigh the tax levies you're missing out on. Did I read that there's the possibility of a new casino in Waterloo somewhere. What are the chances of that being built and what impact does that have on County taxes and land being transferred to the Indians or is that a non Indian venture?
Ah, but if the common rhetoric argument of nobody owns the land is accepted at face value then the land was not theirs.

The State is reimbursing the counties for taxes and will likely pay the legal costs as they did in Oneida and Madison counties.

The Waterloo venture is not tribal and, unlike tribal, will contribute considerably to the tax base.