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I'm saying that... as it applies to treaties and the laws established therein, virtually all are a direct result of coercion, intimidation, threats of harm or death and regardless of past Indian "ignorance", they acted in most every case, in good faith and historically, white man did not, thereby violating the spirit of the agreements or by establishing laws which do NOT meet the British Principles of Contractual Jurisprudence that our very legal system is based upon.

It's a simple concept, really. If one or more party knowingly screws over another, the contract is void. If a law is established through coercion, etc., the law is illegal or unenforceable. And as a result, all current laws and treaties between the US and Native Americans are simply built upon a foundation of either illegal or unenforceable laws. Taxes being just one example.
All current laws and treaties between the US and Native Americans? Wow. So in your opinion what do we now do at this point in time to correct the situation? What do you propose on taxes?

Unfamiliar with the word "virtually", are you?
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.