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Kyle, I've always consider us to have an amicable relationship here on the forum, I choose to keep it that way, so I bid you adieu but I have a question before leaving......if we had a country primarily possessing individuals having your personal beliefs, would my dream of a equally balanced nation be a reality today?
You bid me adieu and then you make several comments in a matter of a few hours when I am gone? Strange.

If everyone believed as I do, certainly we would have a equally balanced nation because I believe the same laws should apply to everyone.

Unless the laws have been and still are unfair, illegal or in violation of the original agreements, as they undeniably are.

Somehow Kyle fails to understand the concept that I chose not to talk directly or personally to him being that time is being wasted on individuals knowing the answer before the hearing the question. Also a dialogue between individuals must sometime involve listening, comprehending and lastly commenting maybe with added enlightenment with the benefit of not always agreeing but at least seeing things from another standpoint. It obvious that a mind possessing pre conceived ideal with little indication of seeing thing no other way but their own, necessitates speaking to one that has the ability to think outside a narrowed box. laugh
BTW, tell him I make no apologies for speaking without the benefit of his presence, due to the fact that seems to be a constant & reoccurring practice here on the forum amongst most posters. shocked