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Kyle, I've always consider us to have an amicable relationship here on the forum, I choose to keep it that way, so I bid you adieu but I have a question before leaving......if we had a country primarily possessing individuals having your personal beliefs, would my dream of a equally balanced nation be a reality today?
You bid me adieu and then you make several comments in a matter of a few hours when I am gone? Strange.

If everyone believed as I do, certainly we would have a equally balanced nation because I believe the same laws should apply to everyone.
Unless the laws have been and still are unfair, illegal or in violation of the original agreements, as they undeniably are.
Tell me what laws are unfair or illegal.

Any that were a result of force, coercion or intimidation. In other words, everything that originated from the laws established by white man.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.