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Are you implying that it will always be encumbered on the complainant's behalf to sue or beg for facilitation of those rights versus having them at time offered to them on a volunteer basis?
No of course not. What rights are currently being denied to people in the USA based on their race, creed, color, or national origin?
Apparently you don't go on job interviews with dark skin. Or experience the phenomenon of "driving while black", or earn on average 3/4 of what men do (especially white men).

And don't come back with with some ridiculous reply like "those aren't examples of rights". They are precise examples of systematic institutional and social discrimination. The end result is no different.
Apparently he has never met a women that is more educated or skilled than many men but must settle for the same pay you've mentioned, 3/4 of what her White male counter part expects and nothing less.
No I haven't. As far as I know female school teachers make the same as male school teachers doing the same job. In the computer field, females makes the same pay as males. And on and on. Any thing else is illegal. The head of General Motors is now a woman who makes millions. I chuckle when I see the stat that women only make 3/4 of what a man makes. There are reasons for that. One is that women tend to have less education than a man thus limiting their ability to move up to higher paying jobs. Another is that women often drop out of the labor force for a few years when their children are young. Then they often must start at a lower salary to work their way up again in the corporate world. That is not discrimination but just the way the world works. They often spend less years in the labor force than a man.

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