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I'm so glad that our founding fathers had the foresight to anticipate these problems and set aside amendments to be readily place in our Constitution when appropriate.
I am very glad for that also. The USA is not perfect but I think we have made great strides in the last 150 years to try and give everyone equal rights. VM mentioned the Chinese potentially getting to America before the white Europeans. If the Native Americans were living under Communist Chinese rule they would certainly have none of the rights guaranteed to them in the US constitution.

My father had one saying "Pull yourself up by your boot straps" but also remember that some need to have a pair of boots to do that.

We need to define the operative word here "TRY" From Webster's definition that can be found anywhere between very little effort to great determination. We can't negate the fact that White Europeans have for the greatest share of US history been in the driver seat in regard to it's citizen rights. When what you've "try" to imply to be true in our country making great advancements in equality, our history will record a government having women and people of color in abundant quantities, also those same individuals possessing large chunk of land, running Corporation and business. All things being "equal" Native Americans, Blacks and Women make up approximately 60% of our US population. Someone on the Non-Minority side appears to not be "trying" hard enough. Kyle, I've always consider us to have an amicable relationship here on the forum, I choose to keep it that way, so I bid you adieu but I have a question before leaving......if we had a country primarily possessing individuals having your personal beliefs, would my dream of a equally balanced nation be a reality today?