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In your post another example of the Indians taking advantage of our judicial system. And then you say we are not being fair to them? We are being more than fair. along with negotiating skills I almost spit my coffee, if I didn't know better, it's appears that you're implying that the White man possess the ability to come to a foreign land, make up it's own set of rules leaning heavily in his favor and take advantage of the Native's naiveté or ignorance of the rules,now to brag about the fact that their lack of knowledge is their fault in getting the short end of the stick. Wow!
Once again, I think you misinterpret when I meant to say. I am sure hundreds of years ago what you said was true. But in the current world and legal environment they and the lawyers they have hired now very well know how to play our legal system to their advantage.

I'm very happy that they now have legal assistance to "play" the system to their advantage. Note sarcasm being that the biggest hurdle for most lawyers is interpreting the laws written by the very one wanting the advantages. Read up on civil and basic human rights provided initially for people of color and women. Are you implying that it will always be encumbered on the complainant's behalf to sue or beg for facilitation of those rights versus having them at time offered to them on a volunteer basis? I'm so glad that our founding fathers had the foresight to anticipate these problems and set aside amendments to be readily place in our Constitution when appropriate.