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my father was half Native American and half Black, would make me what?
Have you ever had to fill out a form where it asked what your race was? Like a census form? What do you put?

I am disappointed in your perception of always assuming yourself right Kyle, a very pathetic position on your part to question a person's ethnicity because it doesn't fit your ideals of being superior in intellect. Mines was a position to stay somewhat neutral in the debate between you and Timbo but it appears that Timbo is somewhat correct in his accusation of racism or at least it's connotations. I have always consider myself as Black, the same as my father, who is also native American.(Mother was Cherokee). Further more your ignorance(your self perceived intelligence) is rearing it's ugly head in yours and VM's attempts to question the rights of those you've actual don't know, in this case the path offered to minorities over the last 500 years here in America. Very pathetic to say the least Kyle. SMH