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I've read & heard that very story since I was a kid being that my Maternal Grandmother is Native American, no argument in that fact, 25,000 years which can be debated give or take a few thousand adverse to 500 years which is well documented throughout history. The premise here, the native American has more of a justified claim of squatter's rights if that term may be used. So as you stated, no indigenous people exist technically, maybe with the exception of those created in the Garden of Eden.
So in the year 2104 what do you think we should do to be fair to everyone no matter when their ancestors came to the American continents? I see that as the key question that needs to be answered.

I lived in Seneca County at one time and hated the fact that land I purchased in 1978 along deeds dating back to 1868 could be now treated as if I never owned it in the first place. I equally feel sorry for the Native American that through their ignorance were taken advantage of by unscrupulous purchasers. On one side we have original land claims and on the other, treaties. Don't you find it unique that most of the Counties in New York State possess tribes names, contributing to the first settlers. The bottom line here is the White man has the expertise of the laws he created along with vast amounts of resources to make this lawsuit nullified for the most part and at best offer "trinkets" in lieu of a realistic settlement. You want an answer but how do you make an equitable settlement when the original contents of the contract (treaties) weren't fair in the first place?