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If you were not so focused in your hate you would know, as I have posted it the past and here now, that equality under the law should include gays. I neither hate nor fear anyone and it is apparent you are not in the same boat. You should be happy you live in NY.

Name calling has always been your response when your facts are exposed. Have a nice day. smile

And yet YOU'RE the one who's repeatedly and ignorantly referenced the validity of racial percentiles (purity) and are now using anti-gay slurs, telling them to go to NY and strongly implying that they are unwelcome in Tennessee.

Did you use the word "f**" in an endearing sort of way ? ? ? eek

Let's see how this flies with UCE/CERA/CERF's claims of "equality under the law". I doubt they'll appreciate having their cover blown in such a public manner. I guess they'll just have to disavow another racist within their ranks who can't keep his true feelings hidden for the common good of what is basically just another 21st century hate group.

Give a bigot enough rope, and they're virtually guaranteed to hang somebody... even if it's themselves.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.