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Hey Rich, what would be the combined property tax on a place appraised at $100,000 in your neighborhood? Okay..."combined" is a joke, since there is no school property tax in Tenn, and you're just out of the city, 1.5 mi. from the historic downtown. No Tenn. income tax either. wink
I'm assessed at $187,000 and my combined property taxes are $780. So a $100,000 house would have combined property taxes of $411.00. shocked

In 2012 I was assessed at $214,700, and paid $8,300 in SC, SFCSD, and Fayette Town taxes. That would be just shy of $4,000 on a $100,000 property...maybe 9x the Greene County rate.

Compare that approx 9x to what these figure to in comparative % terms. Both sets from wikipedia; I'm surprised that Timbo missed them. Well, not really...he looks for what he wants to look for, which are usually the wrong things wink :

Greene Cty:
med household income: 30,382
med family income: 36,889
per capita income: 15,796

Seneca Cty:
Med household income: 37,140
med fam inc: 45,445
per cap inc: 17,630

I'll never again own property in SC, or NYS; I wish I'd been smart enough to flee the Failed State Project 20 yrs ago...I guess I was afraid to leave my familiar comfort zone...sort of like the frog in the pot of water which is heating up. So soon so old, so late so smart. I'll see you in June.

Tenn. has a higher sales tax; it taxes consumption more. A home is the biggest asset of most people, and Tenn. taxes that less, and there is no income tax; it wants more wealth and income, and lower wasteful consumption, and thus, a higher savings rate. Also, by financing schools through sales tax, everyone has skin in the game, proportionate to spending, which is more proportionate to income than is what house one chooses to live in. I like the mindset.

And I'd like to see those 2 data sets compared over the last several decades; I suspect that Tenn. has greatly closed the gap between them, for excellent reasons, which the socialists running the FSP will never be able to understand.
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