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Oh, c'mon, Kyle.

Read (in detail) the history between the Irish and the British. The parallels between the persecution of Ireland and those of the American Indian are in many, many ways, highly uncanny.
In the end, Ireland regained it's sovereignty and it's land.

And don't tell me that you won't read this one either. If you're at all serious about taking responsibility for your own knowledge and wisdom, you'll do whatever it takes to learn (just like everyone else).

You can start here:
Thanks for the link. It is very informative.

Since Ireland regained it's sovereignty and it's land, why are there still millions of Irish here on Native American land? Shouldn't we force them all to go back to Ireland?


Between 1815 and 1920, five and a half million Irish emigrated to America. Just as the Native Americans were forced west of their homelands by the Americans, the British were forcing the Irish west, across the Atlantic to the United States.


Varying tribes would mean that some tribes were forced out by other tribes. Therefore, it is impossible to know which tribes were here first and who should get what land. History marches on. We can't got back 25,000 years or even 500 years. We have to move on. I don't know what more we owe Native Americans since we let them live here now without paying taxes. We made them all US citizens so they get all the benefits without taking all the responsibility of being Americans. You have pointed out in an earlier post that they have joined the US military proportionate to their numbers so some of them seem to want to be mainstream Americans. And as I pointed out in earlier posts, they can certainly practice their own culture as do other groups that prefer not to merge totally into mainstream America. I don't believe any other nation is as tolerant of such unique groups as America. How do you think they would be faring today under the government of North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, or Iran?

And I don't know you or anyone else who can tell me exactly what we owe them. It seems like the more we give them, the more they want.


Before all others, varying tribes of Native Americans inhabited North America.