Another obvious switch from what was assimilation and is now segregation does not change what the IRA did or Nixon extending it indefinitely.

The way you pick a few words out of a sentence to draw convoluted conclusions would make it futile for you to actually read the treaties. You do love those qualifiers such as virtually meaning nearly, almost, practically, close to or pretty well or in other words “SOME”. But adding either broken or violated following virtually in the same sentence makes yet another fact so full of qualifiers that your statement is true as written because you haven't said anything. If not broken but violated may draw some to conclude it was violated even if not broken; though if truly violated would be the same as broken. So actually you don't know.

But I agree with your implications concerning most, if not the majority, of the treaties outside of NYS. Your lack of knowledge regarding NY issues make it apparent you don't have a clue.

As for tribes being compelled to take sides in the Revolutionary War, then why was it that all the Iroquois tribes did not take sides? And why did those that did chose take opposite sides? I guess they couldn't have been too compelled. Your assumptions lack merit.

The Congressional Black Caucus would like to hear your version of them writing white man’s laws.

Your assumptions regarding CERA/Cerf are humorous. The only one outraged is yourself.

Have a nice day Googling. LOL