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Anyway you look at it, TN combined/average taxes are still the highest in the country.
Oh, the post you made says SALES tax rates, which is only 1% higher than the NY average and equal to what it is near tribal areas where counties have to make up for lost taxes.

It also said the words "combined" and "average". grin
You do consistently have problems with reading comprehension and connecting dots which would also explain your misconception of Indians not taxed concerning congressional delegation and the Supremacy clause where you selectively picked out treaties are the supreme law of the land in part of one sentence neglecting the two other supreme laws with the words "and" combining the three in the same sentence.

States have a sales tax, counties have a sales tax and municipalities have a sales tax. NYS sales tax is 4%. When you add them together and divide them out you have a combined average but that only applies to the "sales" taxes as it states in the sentence which you pick words out of. Just looking at the numbers would tell a logical person that but I guess living on a rez in a different state worshiping Google and not paying your own way would explain your ignorance of the area, the people and the taxes.

You need to attend more therapy groups and fewer powwows but you do make for comic relief. So how is the weather where you live?