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You have valid points regarding the state taxing too much and welfare but you get your oranges and apples mixed.

Not really considering you spend time, effort, and MILLIONS chasing after the 5,000 Natives that reside in New York, yet do NOTHING about the 5 million(out of 19.9 million), that DO NOT pay taxes yet RAPE 87 BILLION of those tax dollars!

You are worried about the Cayuga's parcels taking away from the tax base in Seneca County, yet have MANY more on welfare not contributing to the very same tax base and wasting what county taxes are collected

Teed: I have no millions to spend and with state compensation to the counties, your tax dollars have paid as much as I did. Plus 90% of the money spent was on lawsuits they already won and the Prince Andrew deal would throw that all away. I have never chased any Indians but have worked toward promoting equality under the law and, as such, have been involved in political campaigns and am involved in lawsuits against the federal government.

Your welfare state augments the welfare situation and all those who qualify or work the system do so equally under the law. See the difference? The situation is not good anywhere but I feel it is worse in NYS. But I no longer pay takes there except for what I just paid in income tax for the last time. Plus taxes have never been my issue, but rather land status and jurisdiction.

Not knowing what retirement you may be under, but NC taxes state retirement and TN does not. See you in a few years, I'm 14 miles from the NC border.

US Combined State & Average Local Sales Tax Rates-2014:

#7 — New York — 8.47%
#1 — Tennessee — 9.45%

Better start saving for the cost to move back. grin

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.