High thrust/suction, too, depending on how you think about how a sail works. Winds are faster aloft, with a different direction, due to less surface friction; that's why sail is trimmmed differently along its vertical length (they have a twist in them, same as a long kite string).

So, I don't think a sailboard can ever beat these big machines; too low, even with hydrofoils to cut drag.

Current trans-Atlantic monohull sail record is 8+ days, but someone's planning a new multihull attempt, and is shooting for 2.5 days. I love YouTube...never know what you'll stumble upon!

Vid of the current multihull successfull attempt, which took 3.5 days. As you know, it's a big ocean out there, and you're really on your own. Note that right at the end, they're flying the center hull, with just the rudder tip in the water. That's an aerial shot. They are exhuberant with success, in tune with the feel of the boat, relaxed, confident, and happy, and near land:

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