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The WHOLE of the Americas was expropriated. Talk is cheap.ANYONE who is actually personally committed WOULD set a good example and just give his land to the Indians, and quit telling others WHAT TO DO AND THINK. Me? I won't go back to Ireland. There are NONE with my last name LEFT there; they were ALL either starved to death or otherwise killed, driven to emigrate, or sold as slaves, mostly to the Americas, including the West Indies and N. America. We were among the 13,000 Palatine Germans who went to England and were forcibly resettled from there, one way or another, to Ireland and to other places.

One ridiculous and false assumption after another.
The best and most concise set of facts and assumptions on the Indian mess I have ever seen!

You mean"facts" like these ? ? ?

You're right about the rest being nothing but assumptions, though. grin
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.