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The whole of the Americas was expropriated. Talk is cheap. Anyone who is actually personally committed would set a good example and just give his land to the Indians, and quit telling others what to do and think.
Me? I won't go back to Ireland. There are none with my last name left there; they were all either starved to death or otherwise killed, driven to emigrate, or sold as slaves, mostly to the Americas, including the West Indies and N. America. We were among the 13,000 Palatine Germans who went to England and were forcibly resettled from there, one way or another, to Ireland and to other places.

Many things have happened that can't be undone without inflicting further harm; I choose to live in the present.Faulkner said: The past isn't dead. It's not even past. That's true, but it also can't be substantially changed, without inflicting further pain and suffering, after the passage of much time.

Sure, Columbus was a brutal, callous conqueror, but he was, in one sense, merely a facilitator of the inevitable spreading of the various peoples around the world, and that won't be undone, nor can it, or should it, be.
I'm obviously against world government, but one world of people is a different thing, and an inevitably happening fact. It has been since the African diaspora, the popling of Europe, asia, and Austrailia, and on through the peopling of the Americas, and Alexander, Nicolo, Maffeo, and Marco, Polo, Ghengis Khan and Columbus. It's continuing in the present.

To assume that history should have stopped, or could have been, and that the Americas should have remained Indian, or that it should now be magically rewound, is as dumb as assuming that they should stay white. Population flow is like the tides, and even King Knute, in a relatively less sophisticated and knowledgeable time, knew that that they couldn't be commanded.

One ridiculous and false assumption after another.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.