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The wide-ranging settlement allows the nation to have up to 25,000 acres of land set aside by the federal government for the tribe's use. That trust land is not taxable and is not subject to state or local control.

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Madison County gets an instant check of 11 million for any and all loss of taxes

so tell us how much madison county has lost in taxes for all these years halbritter has not paid the 'tribes' share?
King Ray owed the counties over $110 Million. The 2.9M Oneida county will get over 20 years will be less than $60M. So my guess is they will get about 60% of what is already owed them. That gives the Oneida tribe a $40 M profit and they were so close to losing in the courts. The tribe had already dropped their sovereign immunity argument and it had already kicked back to being a matter of state tax law. That is when Prince Andrew reached his magical settlement deal with the counties agreeing to drop the lawsuit they had already won and the state and counties dropping the lawsuit against the BIA ROD. There were only two lawsuits dropped and they were less than 30 years old. One filed in 2007 and the other in 1983. The tribe had already lost their land claim and aboriginal land claim lawsuits plus the Sherrill ruling.

The Foreclosure lawsuit was, or course, initiated by the tribe about 2007. The tribe moved to drop the lawsuit after they realized that SCOTUS could eliminate their sovereign immunity. The court ruled they could not drop their lawsuit which left the counties free to defend themselves. The tribe then dropped the sovereign immunity defense so that SCOTUS could not rule on it. That kicked it back to the 2nd Circuit, then District, then state.

Most articles you read in newspapers are press releases from either the tribe or State and neither is telling the truth. There are no reporters searching for truths because their bosses do not want to lose advertising dollars.

Here is one article that is a couple years old which at least tells the other side. Note here, the traditional Oneida including the real chief will be evicted as a result of the settlement. And it was RoAnn DeStito who pushed Prince Andrew to make the settlement.