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none of the information contained on that linked website (which by the way, consists mostly of opinions, half-truths, propaganda and one-sided arguments)
Baloney. That linked website makes more sense that anything I have ever read on the Indian fiasco.

Then prove it, just as I proved that you consistently make false statements, refuse to answer questions while selfishly demanding that others do so themselves, that you are unwilling to back up your assertions (likely due to the combined fact that your claims are often nonsense and that you probably lack the constitution to digest the information that I've provided) and more importantly, would probably refuse to admit those truths (assuming that you were actually capable of comprehending the information, in the first place), all in order to save face, rather than having to admit (publicly AND personally) that you actually learned something new, thereby necessitating a reconsideration of your ideologies.

But hey... that's just a hunch. grin
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.