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Here are just a few my questions that you have refused to answer. And don't say that you did, because the thread shows that on each occasion, you either ignored it, changed the subject completely or simply responded with nothing but opinion and speculation.

The rest are just a small example of the many, many times that I have answered your questions or or where I clearly explain my position on matters to which you claim that I did not.
What a shame you did all that work. This link makes all your questions meaningless.


If you ignore the fact that I do indeed answer your questions (repeatedly) and that none of the information contained on that linked website (which by the way, consists mostly of opinions, half-truths, propaganda and one-sided arguments), then yeah, you sure did show me, alright. grin crazy

You certainly haven't answered any of my questions.

Now, get a grip, grow up, stop fabricating your own version of the facts and answer my questions.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.