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If thats true maybe they should hit up their gaming commission for some of that 27 billion dollars they made last year.
They love their land so much that if they get any they put a casino on it. I guess that gets them closer to nature? grin
Still no intention of answering my questions, eh?

You're a real piece of work.
I have given up talking to you. It is hopeless. This link tells how wrong you are. I am surprised you still have the nerve to post on the Indian situation.

Because the facts are on my side:

Here are just a few my questions that you have refused to answer. And don't say that you did, because the thread shows that on each occasion, you either ignored it, changed the subject completely or simply responded with nothing but opinion and speculation.

The rest are just a small example of the many, many times that I have answered your questions or or where I clearly explain my position on matters to which you claim that I did not.

Enjoy! cool

* Obviously??? How so?

* Why don't you begin by providing a list of all the land that the Indians are allegedly demanding be returned.

Be specific and provide an accurate account of the land issue in question along with proper citations as to confirm your assertions. That way I don't have to waste my time on pointless ruminating of fictional issues.

* How many times do I have to answer the question?

* Why do you continue to push this BS theory when I've repeatedly asked you to back it up with some proof? Is it your opinion that you and blue zone are the only ones exempt from answering debate questions?

* Of course you can't imagine otherwise. Because the only one that seems to be suggesting such a ridiculous scenario, is you.

Or perhaps you'd like to provide some evidence to the contrary. 

* I ask again... are you aware of any laws that abridge the rights guaranteed by them? We're waiting...

* It has absolutely everything to do with it, unless of course, you think that you know of some law that trumps the US Constitution and it's equally binding treaties.

* How does one conceivably draw comparisons between non-correlative racial pride and that of the near extermination of an entire race ? ? ?

And my personal favorite...

* http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/women-s-rights/violence-against-women/maze-of-injustice

"I am certainly not going to read all those links."


Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.