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Native American per populace enlistment rate is almost the highest of all other races and is in fact the highest for female enlistees.
Why did they volunteer?
This is what is so amazing bluezone. Timbo says they are being treated unfairly. He even use the word obscene. Why would you volunteer to serve in the military of a country that treats you that way? It does not add up at all.
I suggest you ask that question of a Native American Veteran (or better yet, several).
I don't know any but obviously they are being treated far better by the USA than what you say.


The requirements for successful military service -- strength, bravery, pride, and wisdom - match those of the Indian warrior. Military service affords an outlet for combat that fulfills a culturally determined role for the warrior. Therefore, the military is an opportunity for cultural self-fulfillment. By sending young tribal members off to be warriors, they return with experiences that make them valued members of their society. Finally, the military provides educational opportunities, which allow Native American veterans to return to their community with productive job skills to improve their quality of life.

With the 21st century on the horizon, the United States military can be expected to provide continuing opportunity for Native American men and women. For their part, Native Americans can be expected to carry on their centuries-old warrior tradition- serving with pride, courage, and distinction.

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