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So you are trying to say because the other 10,223 registered members of this forum do not comment on these threads they AGREE with you???

If that were true....which it's NOT..... They would of been able to muster more than 13 people for a protest! Also what about the hundreds of customers who patronize Lakeside trading a day..... do they agree with you too??!!?? What about the county employees who take the Seneca Bus on their breaks to Lakeside....they agree with you too??!!??
Your reply here says it is to bluezone but I think you meant to reply to me? You don't agree with me on the Indian situation obviously but you are very different than Timbo and Teonan. You disagree on a practical side thinking you are saving money by buying products from them. There are undboubtely a lot of people on here like that. Timbo and Teonan are very hard to figure out. Sometimes it sounds like they think we should give all of America back to the Indians. I am sure you don't want that? But they won't come out and say that. They refuse to be pinned down on what they want. So trying to debate with them is a real exercise in futility. That is what I meant.

For you perhaps.

If you stop expecting one-sided, dead-simple solutions to issues that are neither, then I suspect that you'll begin to understand that which you have previously failed to grasp.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.