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Such a notion is unfathomable to Kyle. He embraces a logic which holds that indigenous peoples must assimilate - or disappear. In fact, they must always be disappearing in order to rationalize and enable claims to their traditional landbase.

Land - the key component to the values, cosmology and worldview of indigenous peoples. Little wonder it's removal from those it sustains is the coveted weapon of choice.
If they join the US military service, doesn't that show their desire to be assimilated?

What is their traditional landbase? All of North and South America I would say. If you think they are getting all of that back, you are totally wacky.

All you and Timbo can do is talk in generalities but are not capable of telling us what we need to do to accommodate them. Trying to discuss it with you two is becoming beyond ridiculous.

You're free to discuss it with someone else, if you'd like.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.