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The same one from which you freely and with no self-sacrifice of your own, suck your liberties and freedom from those who personally forfeited years of their lives to ensure that you could have a free ride and be guaranteed the right to talk smack to those whom you suggest are traitors to their country.

Got it now, little fella?

Are you as curious as I am to know whether or not you'd have the courage to actually say that straight to a veteran's face?
I am quite confident that most veterans would support my position of not giving away the country they served to a small band of people who want to divide up American into little sovereign nations. I cannot imagine otherwise.

Of course you can't imagine otherwise. Because the only one that seems to be suggesting such a ridiculous scenario, is you.

Or perhaps you'd like to provide some evidence to the contrary. crazy

Why do you continue to push this BS theory when I've repeatedly asked you to back it up with some proof? Is it your opinion that you and blue zone are the only ones exempt from answering debate questions?

And try to provide some real facts, not opinions.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.