I know it is impossible for you to connect more than one dot together at a time, but if you click where it says “re: Timbo” at the top of the post, the post appears that is being replied to.

Your inability to grasp issues concerning Central New York make it obvious you are not from Central New York, whether you live here or not.

If you had an inkling of the facts you would know that the State treaties use rights were the basis for designating areas for the land claims. If they were moot or invalid which I argued with Feeherry and Caldabella about to agree with the Cayuga claiming they were invalid, there would not have even been any land claims because the only claim would have been aboriginal and such claims had already been ruled invalid by the courts.

That was when I sued to intervene and fire the attorneys appointed by the court. Remember that? Of course not, you do not live here.

I have never made an anti-Indian position and have defended many Indian positions who are members of UCE and CERA. I have many Indian friends and we know the difference between race and politics.

Your hatred prevents you from seeing that.

My concerns over issues that do not affect me personally have never stopped. I will be traveling throughout the country this year at my own expense doing just that. Your position supporting what could not happen is the joke you could not comprehend.

The only thing moot are your factoids.

Oh, humor us and explain which federal and state treaty was in conflict.