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The Onondaga's here in Syracuse have their own health center, health insurance, school, fire department, and *Peace Keepers* all funded by their enterprises (smoke shop, cig factory, fire keepers restaurant, and multi purpose ice/lacrosse center)

all funded by you
The Onondaga are good people and do their best to be self sufficient while refusing to accept government grants. I do not agree with their independent nation status position but respect them for practicing what they preach and admire them for maintaining their traditional government whereas most other Iroquois governments have been taken over. Comparing the Onondaga with other tribes is comparing apples and oranges. Maybe they should be the orange as they are near Syracuse.

Not every tribal member is compliant as many take advantage of NYS paying for their college education. Thank or blame NYS for that.

Yes, they support themselves via non-tribal customers. But their land claim was dismissed because the feds did not join their lawsuit and the State declared sovereign immunity because the State is the sovereign, NOT the tribe. Their latest plea was to the UN, which does NOT trump the US Constitution.

Except for the Mohawk land claim with a parcel of land in question whether Canada or the US owned it, ALL Iroquois land claims are dead.

Good post Rich. There IS a good relationship between the county and the Onondagas. My county property tax actually went DOWN this year.... Yet Kyle and Bluezone want to blame ALL the Natives (all 5,000 of them) for all of NYS's tax issues!
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