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While tribal nations do not enjoy direct access to U.S. courts to bring cases against individual states,

Ah, how could I neglect the lead statement?

The FACT is because the states are sovereign and the tribes are NOT, but are federal WARDS.

Your arguments are based on false assumptions, or to be not politically correct otherwise known as lies.
Tribal sovereignty describes the right of federally recognized tribes to govern themselves and the existence of a government-to-government relationship with the United States. Thus a tribe is not a ward of the government, but an independent nation with the right to form its own government, adjudicate legal cases within its borders, levy taxes within its borders, establish its membership, and decide its own future fate. The federal government has a trust responsibility to protect tribal lands, assets, resources and treaty rights.

Remember your post which claimed tribal sovereignty was not disturbed in United States v. Nice? And my reply being: The ONLY statement that comes close to an alleged sovereignty mention is

"In addition to the fact that both acts-the general one of 1887 and the special one of 1889-disclose that the tribal relation and the WARDship of the Indians were not to be disturbed by the allotments and trust patents, we find that both Congress and the administrative officers of the government have proceeded upon that theory."

THAT is a quote from the Court it that case with the url link citation accompanying it.

I know tribes are working diligently to erase any reference to them made by non-Indians which may be considered derogatory such as squaw and have lobbied to promo TAS, or Treatment As States, status because many do not like the term tribe and the BIA and other bureaucracies may comply with their lobbyist requests but you can't put spots on a lion and call it a leopard. It is what it is and I agree with the court that their WARDship was not disturbed. Actually the technical term for tribes is Federal Instrumentalities. That was revealed in the Nixon papers I got from the National Archives. Nixon's flip flop of FIP used the tribes for federal land grabs under the guise of giving what the tribes asked for and taking land into trust, which is federal. This reverts the status back to territorial where the US Constitution does not apply and tribes think they have more power but they really have less. Yes poor Timmy, tribal members are wards.