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The Federal Government is obligated to 'administer' the welfare of the Indians, in accordance to the laws that they themselves forced upon the Indians.

It's spelled out clearly in the Constitution AND the Treaties.

and in what treaty for the NYS 'tribes' does it state they are to receive free housing, free schooling, free healthcare...?

In what treaty does it say that the over 5 million freeloading Welfare Rats are to receive free housing, free schooling, free healthcare...?

There is 1,000 times more able bodied, non Native, Welfare Rats sucking the system dry than there are Native Americans in NYS!

Furthermore I have told you 100+ times before ..... The Onondaga's here in Syracuse have their own health center, health insurance, school, fire department, and *Peace Keepers* all funded by their enterprises (smoke shop, cig factory, fire keepers restaurant, and multi purpose ice/lacrosse center)

I'm sure that the many tens-of-thousands of poor, disabled military veterans on public assistance will be sure to keep statements such as those, in mind, come next election cycle. Add to that number over 100,000,000 other veterans collecting food stamps, etc..

As will the other poor elderly, work-infirmed, mentally ill, and remaining 99% of those on public assistance.

Virtually every detailed study of welfare fraud, puts the number at less than 1%.

In the future, it would be wise to learn something about that which you make trumped-up charges against.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.