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The truth in Seneca county today is when I don't pay my property taxes the county takes my house in tax foreclosure, when my native American neighbor doesn't pay his property taxes nothing happens.

"If someone that is a United States citizen and not a citizen of another soverign country or state, then they do not have to pay United States or any other state that is a state within the physical borders or political jurisdiction of the United States of America, then they do not have to pay taxes within the jurisdiction of said particular sovereign nation that they are physically located in at that particular time.

This IS particulary true of European nations. In essecence, I do not have to pay New York taxes when I purchase something while vacationing in England or say Lichtenstein"

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When the United States government formed, it replaced the British government as the other sovereignty coexisting in America with the American Indians. The U.S. constitution specifically mentions American Indians three times. Article I, section 2, clause 3 and the fourteenth amendment section 2 address the handling of "Indians not taxed" in the apportionment of the seats of the House of Representatives according to population and in so doing suggest that Indians need not be taxed.

In Article I section 8, clause 3, Congress is empowered to “regulate commerce with foreign nations…states…and with the Indian tribes.” Technically, Congress has no more power over Indian nations than it does over individual states and general congressional laws are not applicable to them.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.