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Sometimes it is what you don't know that can hurt you. Central New York Fair Business is hosting Sunday February 23rd, at the VFW Post, Franklin Avenue, Clinton from 2 to 4 P.M. a presentation to answer your questions about the most recent settlement agreement between the Oneida Nation, Gov. Cuomo, the State and County legislatures and how it will affect you and your community. Every community in Oneida County will be affected by this proposed settlement! Are you aware of the pending lawsuits still in effect, the new ones filed and how those already won that would be reversed will affect your property, your civil rights, and your taxes? Do you understand what trust land (federal territory) will mean to you? Do you understand the tax structure and the money issues of the settlement? If you need answers to these or any other questions take the time to join in on Sunday. All area residents in all communities are encouraged to attend. We are asking each of you to attend and find out what your legislators voted for and what you can do to help fight this.

So how many people showed BESIDES the members of the VFW and Central New York Fair Business???? I say 10 TOPS...and that's being generous! Did they hold a bottle and can drive too??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA grin

P.S. Despite your claims Cuomo is "shutting them down"......as of 2/26/14 10am ...Turning Stone is STILL open! Even better....as of March 4th they are rolling out new machines and reward system topping it out at 2400 slots and 200 table games to add to their Keno, Poker Room, and #3 in the WORLD ranked high stakes Bingo hall!!! It's gonna take over 10++ YEARS for any of the new Cuomo casinos to come even close to competing with Turning Stone!!
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